Qindari allows you to easily store important files. That’s it.

You upload a file to Qindari. You can retrieve and download it.

We think you have 10 to 100 really important files that you don’t want to lose. Store them on Qindari and we safely store them away.

Perhaps you use Google to save your important files. Or Dropbox. Or some other cloud solution. Maybe you store important docs on your hard drive or stuff them in an email. Are you happy with this solution? We’ve found this doesn’t quite work for many users. Use Qindari instead.

Qindari is a safety deposit box for your digital assets. We’re the easiest way to store your most important documents.

You save. We store. You retrieve. That’s it. 

Qindari was founded by Mark Oskin and Wayne Yamamoto. Read about them here.