Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Qindari?

A: Qindari is the easiest way to manage your important files. You save. We store. You Retrieve. Qindari is a safety deposit box for your digital assets.

Q: I all ready save my important files on Google, Dropbox, my hard disk. Why should I use Qindari?

A: We don’t think this quite works. Click here to see why.

Q: How much does it cost for me to use Qindari?

A: For now, it’s free. While we are in beta. Click here to see how we are thinking about pricing.

Q: Why can I rest assured that I can always access my files?

A: We currently save your files on a major cloud provider. And maintain back ups of them.

Our plan is replicate files across multiple cloud providers, across multiple time zones and countries.

We are building an off site, off network (e.g. off the Internet) RAD hard storage facility. We consider the long term durability of files and consider lessons from the Clock of the Long Now. Even in the event of a (global) catastrophe, Qindari intends to keep your files safe and available.

Q: Can my files be stolen?

A: The greatest risk to your files is the password you use to protect your account. If your password gets compromised, your files may be copied. We are considering other mechanisms to protect your files. But until then, choose your password carefully.

You could save your files by encrypting them yourself. But then you need to manage encryption keys. We are considering how we might be able to do this easily for you.

Q: What can I store on Qindari?

You must be legally entitled to store files on Qindari. Only you can store and retrieve (e.g. you are the person that logs on with your username/password). We don’t care what you store, as long as it is legal. We will keep your files safe.

If we are legally compelled to remove your file or give your files to an authority, we will comply wit the law. However, our bias is to protect you and your files.

Q: What happens if Qindari goes out of business?

A: You can always download your files. As one more precaution for safe keeping, Qindari will also “escrow” all files and reserve funds to allow for you to retrieve your files in the event Qindari ceases to operate.

Q: Why does your UI suck? Is there an IPhone app?

We’ve chosen to first deploy the simplest most accessible interface to store and view files. We think a web app serves this purpose well. With only a browser, you can easily and safely save your most important files. No app downloads required. You can be on Windows, a Mac, and Android, or IPhone — they all work the same. It’s a throwback to a simpler time.

Perhaps we may implement a fancy IPhone or Android app in the future. Or use all those snazzy features accessible through React on a SPA. But for now, simplicity is best. We take a cue from CraigsList — the throwback interface from the early web.

And, from a practical perspective, we’re back end, system, and hardware hacks, not front end experts specializing in UI/UX or graphic design. Function before form is calling, at least during our beta.

Q: Are there release notes for Qindari?

A: Notes for releases of Qindari, along with a list of known bugs, are found here.

Q: Who are Qindari’s founders?

A: Mark Oskin and Wayne Yamamoto.

Q: I have more questions or comments. How do I contact you?

A: Send us an email at