Free for now.

While we are in beta, use of Qindari is free for all users. However, you are limited to saving 100 files and using only 100MB of storage space.

Future Pricing.

We are working out how we will charge for pricing. If you have comments, please send us an email at

Free. Save up to 5 files using no more than 50MB of storage. All files will be publicly visible — e.g. you cannot make them private.

Small: $50/year. Save up to 10 files using no more than 100MB. First 6 month are free.

Large: $100/year. Save up to 100 files using no more than 2GB. First 6 months are free.

Ginormous: Maybe you want to store some really large files. Or a lot of files. This is out of our core use case. But, we still might be able to support you. Contact us at

Off grid, disaster storage: $50/year. Off-grid, off-network secure storage supplement the Small and Large plans. We store your data in a secure/”hardened” storage facility not accessible from the Internet. Online attacks aren’t possible. In the event of a major catastrophe, “doomsday” precautions are made to protect your data.

Maybe your data will survive a nuclear war.