Qindari Founders

Mark Oskin and Wayne Yamamoto are the founders of Qindari. Working together in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, Mark and Wayne have collaborated on several research projects in the past 10 years. While their most recent academic work has been in high performance computer hardware, they’ve worked on software products most of their career, spanning low level systems work to applications.

Mark Oskin

Mark is a tenured professor at the University of Washington. He is a leading expert in high performance computer architecture and hardware. Recently, he founded Possession Point Partners, a hedge fund using proprietary AI software that Mark had written, developed and deployed. Years ago, he was the founder and CEO of Corensic, a company that built and deployed a high performance hypervisor. He received his PhD from the University of California, Davis.

Wayne Yamamoto

Wayne started his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories and was most recently at the University of Washington. He started a handful of companies in between — including BroadVision (growing it from a startup to a $20 billion public company) and MerchantCircle (sold for $60 million). He’s had a variety of roles from Software Engineer, Chief Architect, Product Manager, and Vice President of Engineering. Wayne received his BS and MS from the University of Washington.