Why Qindari?

Qindari is the easiest way to store your important digital assets. It is a safety deposit box for your most important files.

Do you really need this you might ask? Don’t you all ready store important files, somewhere? After pondering this question and then conducting hundreds of interviews, we’ve found there are many solutions that sort of work. Do you want to use a system that sort of works? At Qindari, we are singularly focussed on this problem of saving your important files — ease, availability, and safety is our mission.

Why not Google? Did you store a file in drive, sheets, or docs? Which account did you save it? Is the current file the original (that auto-saving feature is awesome — until you need to make sure you have the right version)? Who else has access to it? Can you find your important docs? In short, Google is great for a lot of document use cases, but it is cumbersome for storing your really important digital assets.

Last, do you trust Google to be a good steward? You’ve probably ceded much of your life to Google. Do you really want to give them your most important assets? They are a gold mine of information for Google to use to target more stuff at you.

Dropbox. Dropbox is pretty good. But a bit complicated. And, they lack the singular focus of Qindari.

Your hard disk. Of course you backup you data. Of course you can always recover your files. Of course your upgrades to a new computer or phone will 100% reliably restore all of your files. Your important files. And, of course you can always find those important documents. And, of course your phone/computer will never be lost or stolen.

Or maybe you have your own file server at home. If you have a catastrophic failure (e.g. you home burns down), what do you do then?

Good luck.

Thumb drives. Where did you put that again? Any chance that might fail? Are you sure you can read that file format?

Email. This is pretty good. If you trust your email provider. And, you can find those important docs when you need them. It’s all a bit cumbersome.

Qindari. In short, storing your most important files is Qindari’s singular focus. Easy. Reliable. Safe. Start using Qindari today.