Why Qindari?

Use Qindari to save the handful of really important files that you have. Qindari is a “Safety Deposit Box” for your digital assets. Qindari is the easiest way to save and retrieve these important assets.

Perhaps you use Google for this. Or Dropbox. Or Email. These are cumbersome since they are “general purpose.” It’s easy to lose files or delete them. Keeping track of the right version creates complexity and confusion. Finding files is often difficult. Maybe search works.

(We conducting interviews with over 100 users to understand why other solutions don’t work so well. Click here to see a summary of our findings.)

Qindari’s focus is save only your most important files for you. Never lose track of them again.

Ease of Use

Qindari is designed to be the easiest way to store, find, and retrieve a file. Simply upload the file (or use our email interface — email the file as an attachment to save@qindari.com).

To retrieve it, go to “My Files.”


Ever concerned that you might lose a file because you only stored it on a hard drive? Or concerned that your cloud provider might go away or block access to your files? Qindari backs up to multiple providers. And stores your files away on a remote offsite/off grid location (soon). Even in the event of global catastrophe (e.g. nuclear war), Qindari keeps your data safe.


If you ever need to prove the authenticity of a document or its date of creation, we’ve got you covered. If anyone disputes your document (e.g. presents a copy that has been modified) or disputes when you created your document, Qindari can help you prove the authenticity of your document. We’ve cryptographically signed your documents (e.g. computed a hash) and attached a date stamp when you uploaded your document.